Chapter 40

CAN-bus System
Principles of Operation (CAN-bus System)
Configurations and Terminal Resistors
Testing the CAN-bus System
Using a Scan Tool
Checking for Module Communication Errors Using a Scan Tool
Performing Software Transfers, Updates, or Flash Reprogramming on Electronic Modules
Electric Accessory Motors
Motor Types—Brush, Brushless, Permanent Magnet, and Stepper Type
Blower Motor and Circuits
Cooling Fans and Circuits
Power Mirrors
Power Windows
Power Seats
Electric Height Adjustment of Control Pedals
Testing Electric Motors
Horn Systems
Horn, Relay, Switch, and Clock Spring
Testing the Horn System
Power Door Locks
Electric Lock and Keyless Entry Systems
Testing Electric Locks
Removing the Door Panel
Wiper/Washer System
Wiper and Delay Circuits
Testing the Washer System
Testing the Wiper System
Heated Glass, Mirrors, and Seats
Low- and High-Voltage Systems
Testing Heated Accessories
Cruise Control Systems
Types of Systems (Cruise Control)
Principles of Operation (Cruise Control)
Electronic Throttle Control
Active Cruise Control
Testing the Cruise Control System
Supplemental Restraint Systems
Purpose and Operation of the SRS
Airbags and Pre-tensioners
Seat Belt Pre-tensioners
Sensors, Control Module, and Circuitry
Smart Airbag Technology
Diagnosing the SRS
Proximity Sensors and Backup Cameras
Entertainment System
Types of Systems (Entertainment Systems)
Principles of Operation (Entertainment Systems)
Diagnosing the Entertainment System
Satellite Communication
Anti-theft Systems
Types of Systems (Anti-Theft)
Diagnosing the Anti-theft System