Chapter 26

Rear-Wheel Drive Layout
Front-Wheel Drive Layout
Four-Wheel Drive Layout
All-Wheel Drive Layout
Drive Line Subassemblies and Components
Driveshafts—Rear-Wheel Drive
Driveshafts—Four-Wheel Drive
Axles and Half-Shafts
Rear-Wheel Drive Solid Axles - Types
Axle Flanges
Axle Seals
Front-Wheel Drive/All-Wheel Drive Axles/Half-Shafts
Joints and Couplings
Universal Joints
Constant-Velocity Joints
CV Joint Lubrication and Inspection
Final Drives/Differentials
Rear-Wheel Final Drive
Limited Slip Differentials
Differential Adjustments
Four-Wheel Drive Differentials
Four-Wheel Drive Locking Hubs
Front-Wheel Drive Differentials
Transfer Cases
Four-Wheel Drive Transfer Case
All-Wheel Drive Transfer Case
Transfer Case Differential Action
Electrical Components—Four-Wheel Drive/All-Wheel Drive
Noise/Vibration/Harshness and Other Issues
Diagnosing Axle Shafts, Bearings, and Seals
Diagnosing Noise, Slippage, and Chatter in Limited Slip Differentials
Diagnosing Noise and Unusual Steering Concerns
Identifying Concerns Related to Tire Circumference and/or Final Drive Ratios
Diagnosing CV Joint Issues
Diagnosis and Maintenance
Checking Driveshaft Joints, Phasing, Angles, Balance, and Runout
Inspecting and Servicing Center Support Bearings
Measuring Drive Axle Flange Runout and Shaft End Play
Inspecting and Replacing Wheel Studs and Lug Nuts
Removing and Replacing Drive Axle Shafts
Removing the Carrier-Type Differential Axles
Inspecting and Replacing Drive Axle Shaft Seals, Bearings, and Retainers
Replacing the Removable Carrier Differential Seal and Bearing
Inspecting Half-Shaft Components
Inspecting Fluid Leakage
Inspecting and Replacing the Companion Flange and Pinion Seal
Inspecting the Ring Gear and Measuring Runout
Removing, Inspecting, and Reinstalling the Drive Pinion and Ring Gear
Disassembling, Inspecting, Measuring, and Adjusting the Differential Pinion Gear Assembly
Measuring and Adjusting Drive Pinion Depth
Measuring and Adjusting Drive Pinion Preload
Reassembling and Reinstalling the Differential Case, and Measuring Runout
Measuring and Adjusting Side Bearing Preload and Ring and Pinion Gear Backlash
Adjusting Backlash of a Removable Carrier Differential
Checking Ring and Pinion Tooth Contact Patterns
Cleaning, Inspecting, and Lubricating the Differential Housing
Inspecting and Reinstalling Limited Slip Differential Components
Measuring Rotating Torque
Inspecting, Adjusting, and Repairing Shifting Controls
Removing and Reinstalling Transfer Case
Disassembling, Servicing, and Reassembling the Transfer Case and Components
Reassembling the Transfer Case and Components
Inspecting Front Wheel Bearings and Locking Hubs
Inspecting, Removing, and Replacing Front-Wheel Drive Front Wheel Bearings